The Tern is a small, hardy drone developed to plunge into the atmosphere of nearby gas giants for collecting valuable resources. These thick-shelled craft are also surprisingly effective when pressed into service as screening ships when enemies intrude into Remnant space.

Unlike most spacefaring nations, the Remnant do not have enough people to pilot fighter wings in waves likely to sustain significant casualties. As such, they frequently use these hardy drones to fulfill similar screening roles in their home systems, allowing manned craft to focus on more specialized tasks.

Mass:108 tons
Energy:500 + 216.0/s
Shield Regen:15.00/s, drawing 9.60/s
Hull Repair:33.00/s, drawing 22.20/s
Quantum Keystone:Yes
Cargo Space:5/5
Outfit Space:0/76
Weapon Space:0/16
Engine Space:0/26
Gun Ports:0/1
Active Cooling:480.0/s, drawing 24.00/s
Idle Heating:360.0/s
Thrust:48,600, drawing 123.0/s, heating 117.0/s
Reverse Thrust:29,160, drawing 73.80/s, heating 70.20/s
Steering:369.6, drawing 63.00/s, heating 66.00/s
Atmosphere Scan:Yes
Fuel Capacity:50
Ramscoop:0.5 (0.71)
Outfit Scan Power:10
Outfit Scan Speed:1
Tactical Scan Power:20
Asteroid Scan Power:30
Outfits:1x Inhibitor Cannon
1x Millennium Cell
1x Quantum Key Stone
1x Thermoelectric Cooler
1x Anvil-Class Engine

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