Strong Wind

The Strong Wind was originally designed for science and exploration, but recently the Wanderers have modified the design to allow it to be used as a warship.

Category:Medium Warship
Mass:747.0 tons
Energy:6700 + 1488/s
Shield Regen:210.0/s, drawing 420.0/s
Required Crew:17
Cargo Space:68/68
Outfit Space:6/493
(minmaxed):538 with 8 cargo, 523 with 28 cargo
Weapon Space:10/198
Engine Space:25/114
Gun Ports:0/6
Idle Heating:1920/s
Thrust:113,400, drawing 138.0/s, heating 264.0/s
Steering:1395.9, drawing 120.0/s, heating 270.0/s
Atmosphere Scan:Yes
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:100
Jump Speed:0.2
Fuel Capacity:600
Ramscoop:8 (2.83)
Tactical Scan Power:25
Asteroid Scan Power:100
Thunderhead Capacity:0/100
Outfits:4x Sunbeam
2x Thunderhead Launcher
100x Thunderhead Missile
1x Thunderhead Storage Array
1x White Sun Reactor
1x Dark Storm Shielding
2x Wanderer Ramscoop
1x Type 3 Radiant Thruster
1x Type 4 Radiant Steering
1x Hyperdrive

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