Saryd Visitor

Rather than specializing in carrying passengers or carrying cargo, Saryds seek to make their ships as well-balanced and versatile as possible. As a result, the crew of a typical Visitor can count on performing a different sort of job every week.

Category:Light Freighter
Mass:383 tons
Energy:1800 + 0.00/s
Solar Collection:1.6 (min 19.20/s, typical 105.6/s, max 192.0/s)
Shield Regen:16.80/s, drawing 16.80/s, heating 6.00/s
Hull Repair:7.20/s, drawing 7.20/s, heating 6.00/s
Required Crew:5
Cargo Space:98/98
Outfit Space:211/320
(minmaxed):380 with 18 cargo, 365 with 38 cargo, 350 with 58 cargo
Weapon Space:90/90
Engine Space:5/57
Gun Ports:2/2
Turret Mounts:1/1
Idle Heating:48.00/s
Thrust:71,279, drawing 82.80/s, heating 540.0/s
Steering:711.9, drawing 60.00/s, heating 390.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:100
Jump Speed:0.2
Fuel Capacity:400
Outfits:2x Small Collector Module
2x Small Battery Module
1x Small Shield Module
1x Small Repair Module
3x Small Thrust Module
1x Large Steering Module
1x Hyperdrive

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