Quarg Wardragon

The Wardragon is used by the Quarg as a light warship.

Category:Heavy Warship
Mass:950 tons
Energy:30,000 + 4800/s
Shield Regen:600.0/s, drawing 600.0/s
Hull Repair:300.0/s, drawing 300.0/s
Capture Defense:9600
Required Crew:162
Cargo Space:50/50
Outfit Space:10/600
(minmaxed):630 with 10 cargo, 615 with 30 cargo
Weapon Space:0/200
Engine Space:0/120
Turret Mounts:0/4
Idle Heating:1200/s
Thrust:288,000, drawing 1200/s, heating 600.0/s
Steering:1600, drawing 600.0/s, heating 300.0/s
Jump Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:200
Jump Speed:0.3
Fuel Capacity:800
Ramscoop:10 (3.16)
Outfits:2x Quarg Skylance
2x Quarg Anti-Missile
1x Antimatter Core
1x Nanotech Battery
1x Quantum Shield Generator
160x Intrusion Countermeasures
1x Medium Graviton Thruster
1x Medium Graviton Steering
1x Jump Drive

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