Pug Maboro

This is the largest Pug warship.

Category:Heavy Warship
Mass:1417 tons
Energy:4000 + 1920/s
Shield Regen:600.0/s, drawing 600.0/s
Capture Attack:124.2
Capture Defense:2124.2
Required Crew:56
Cargo Space:70/70
Outfit Space:83/560
(minmaxed):605 with 10 cargo, 590 with 30 cargo, 575 with 50 cargo
Weapon Space:0/309
Engine Space:0/148
Gun Ports:0/4
Turret Mounts:0/3
Idle Heating:2880/s
Thrust:237,600, drawing 294.0/s, heating 414.0/s
Steering:1700, drawing 168.0/s, heating 282.0/s
Jump Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:200
Jump Speed:0.3
Fuel Capacity:600
Outfits:4x Pug Seeker
2x Pug Zapper Turret
1x Pug Anti-Missile
8x Pug Biodefenses
54x Pug Peacekeeping Staff
1x Pug Lohmar Thruster
1x Pug Lohmar Steering
1x Jump Drive

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