The Petrel is a multi-role mining/wing leader fightercraft designed to provide support for flights of lighter Terns in high-risk environments. The ship's design originated as an urban mobile gun platform that flitted around structures and natural terrain, but proved easy to adapt into a spacecraft.

The Remnant are loath to sacrifice pilots and crew from the comparatively small pool they are drawn from. As such, their fighters are equipped with medium-range weaponry designed to strike enemies from afar.

Mass:183 tons
Energy:3400 + 432.0/s, drawing 24.00/s
Shield Regen:21.60/s, drawing 14.40/s
Hull Repair:49.20/s, drawing 32.40/s
Quantum Keystone:Yes
Required Crew:2
Cargo Space:15/15
Outfit Space:0/133
Weapon Space:1/33
Engine Space:8/34
Gun Ports:1/3
Turret Mounts:1/1
Active Cooling:480.0/s, drawing 24.00/s
Idle Heating:744.0/s
Thrust:48,600, drawing 123.0/s, heating 117.0/s
Reverse Thrust:29,160, drawing 73.80/s, heating 70.20/s
Steering:369.6, drawing 63.00/s, heating 66.00/s
Fuel Capacity:100
Ramscoop:0.5 (0.71)
Outfit Scan Power:10
Outfit Scan Speed:1
Tactical Scan Power:20
Asteroid Scan Power:30
Outfits:2x Inhibitor Cannon
2x Millennium Cell
1x Crystal Capacitor
1x Quantum Key Stone
1x Thermoelectric Cooler
1x Anvil-Class Engine

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