The Peregrine is the first warship designed by Taely using fresh insights garnered from recent experimentation as well as renewed studies of the void sprites. Encompassing over a century of development since the last generation of warships was built, it is the forerunner of a new breed of Remnant ships.

The Peregrine was designed along the lines of old-earth's fast-attack cruisers. Drawing on inspiration from its namesake, famed for being the fastest self-propelled lifeform on Earth, it is designed to strike hard and fast. It closes quickly with enemies to unleash devastating barrages in the opening seconds of combat.

The cloaking technology is built into the Peregrine's hull; it cannot be removed or transferred to another ship.

Category:Medium Warship
Mass:891 tons
Energy:6800 + 1314/s, drawing 48.00/s
Shield Regen:234.0/s, drawing 180.0/s
Hull Repair:90.00/s, drawing 54.00/s
Quantum Keystone:Yes
Capture Attack:13.2
Capture Defense:19.8
Required Crew:10
Cargo Space:49/49
Outfit Space:13/552
(minmaxed):582 with 9 cargo, 567 with 29 cargo
Weapon Space:80/220
Engine Space:9/171
Gun Ports:0/5
Turret Mounts:0/2
Active Cooling:960.0/s, drawing 48.00/s
Idle Heating:1938/s
Thrust:341,280, drawing 765.0/s, heating 762.0/s
Reverse Thrust:204,767, drawing 459.0/s, heating 457.2/s
Steering:2178, drawing 312.6/s, heating 372.0/s
Afterburner:550,800, burning 120.0/s, drawing 360.0/s, heating 480.0/s
Cloaking:Yes, burning 3.00/s, drawing 180.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Scram Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:150
Fuel Capacity:900
Ramscoop:2.5 (1.58)
Outfit Scan Power:31
Outfit Scan Speed:2
Tactical Scan Power:123
Remnant Node(?):3
Emp Torpedo Capacity:0/9
Outfits:4x Thrasher Cannon
1x EMP Torpedo Bay
1x Point Defense Turret
1x Thrasher Turret
9x EMP Torpedo
1x Aeon Cell
2x Crystal Capacitor
2x Thermoelectric Cooler
1x Small Heat Shunt
1x Quantum Key Stone
1x Salvage Scanner
11x Tuning Rifle
1x Bellows-Class Afterburner
1x Smelter-Class Thruster
1x Crucible-Class Thruster
1x Smelter-Class Steering
1x Scram Drive

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