Inspired by close contact with void sprites and the reinvigoration of xenobiology, the Penguin is a prototype designed to serve the dual roles of testing new starship technology while exploring hostile planets throughout the Ember Waste. One of this ship's distinguishing features is that it is truly alive and has a mind that approaches self-awareness.

The cloaking technology is built into the Penguin's hull; it cannot be removed or transferred to another ship.

Mass:163 tons
Energy:300 + 216.0/s
Shield Regen:60.00/s, drawing 30.00/s
Hull Repair:120.0/s, drawing 60.00/s
Quantum Keystone:Yes
Capture Attack:1.2
Capture Defense:1.8
Required Crew:1
Cargo Space:19/19
Outfit Space:17/109
Weapon Space:33/33
Engine Space:20/54
Gun Ports:1/1
Turret Mounts:1/1
Active Cooling:480.0/s, drawing 24.00/s
Idle Heating:360.0/s
Thrust:79,920, drawing 159.0/s, heating 150.0/s
Reverse Thrust:54,000, drawing 95.40/s, heating 90.00/s
Steering:572.8, drawing 79.20/s, heating 84.00/s
Atmosphere Scan:Yes
Cloaking:Yes, burning 3.00/s, drawing 180.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:100
Jump Speed:0.2
Fuel Capacity:800
Ramscoop:1.0 (1.00)
Outfit Scan Power:50
Outfit Scan Speed:1
Tactical Scan Power:50
Outfits:1x Millennium Cell
1x Emergency Ramscoop
1x Quantum Key Stone
1x Thermoelectric Cooler
1x Tuning Rifle
1x Crucible-Class Thruster
1x Crucible-Class Steering
1x Hyperdrive

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