Modified Osprey

Category:Heavy Warship
Mass:2452.0 tons
Energy:34,200 + 6132/s
Shield Regen:1230/s, drawing 1260/s
Hull Repair:736.8/s, drawing 136.8/s, heating 120.0/s
Required Crew:193
Cargo Space:80/80
Outfit Space:0/2172
(minmaxed):2232 with 0 cargo, 2217 with 20 cargo, 2187 with 60 cargo
Weapon Space:0/851
Engine Space:7/499
Gun Ports:0/11
Turret Mounts:0/7
Idle Heating:7800/s
Thrust:631,080, drawing 876.0/s, heating 1884/s
Steering:5583.6, drawing 480.0/s, heating 1080/s
Afterburner:612,000, burning 19.32/s, drawing 1530/s, heating 2400/s
Radar Jamming:10
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:300
Jump Speed:0.5
Fuel Capacity:625
Ramscoop:10 (3.16)
Tactical Scan Power:32
Asteroid Scan Power:40
Finisher Capacity:-120/80
Outfits:1x Nuclear Missile
4x Korath Slicer
4x Korath Detainer
2x Finisher Pod
200x Finisher Torpedo
2x Korath Disruptor
2x Heliarch Repulsor
3x Point Defense Turret
3x Blue Sun Reactor
1x Red Sun Reactor
3x Dark Storm Shielding
4x Large Repair Module
2x Large Heat Shunt
1x Asteroid Scanner
1x Large Radar Jammer
1x Tactical Scanner
1x Wanderer Ramscoop
1x Afterburner
1x "Bufaer" Atomic Thruster
5x Ionic Afterburner
1x Type 4 Radiant Thruster
4x Type 4 Radiant Steering
1x Hyperdrive
1x Jump Drive

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