Model 32

The Kor Mereti built their drones to mimic life: capable of growth and development throughout their life cycles. Their automated factories can convert the drones from one configuration to another by adding or removing modules.

Category:Light Warship
Mass:844.9 tons
Energy:1350 + 1506/s
Shield Regen:96.00/s, drawing 144.0/s
Hull Repair:12.00/s, drawing 12.00/s, heating 18.00/s
Self Destruct Rate:70%
Required Crew:3
Cargo Space:16/16
Outfit Space:6/481
Weapon Space:4/205
Engine Space:11/110
Gun Ports:0/1
Turret Mounts:0/3
Idle Heating:4740/s
Thrust:288,000, drawing 534.0/s, heating 1362/s
Steering:1056.0, drawing 150.0/s, heating 444.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:100
Jump Speed:0.2
Fuel Capacity:400
Ramscoop:3 (1.73)
Minelayer Capacity:0/17
Outfits:1x Korath Minelayer
17x Korath Mine
1x Korath Disruptor
2x Korath Slicer Turret
1x Double Plasma Core
1x Generator (Candle Class)
1x Systems Core (Small)
1x Small Heat Shunt
1x Reasoning Node
1x Thruster (Planetary Class)
1x Steering (Lunar Class)
1x Hyperdrive

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