The Ibis is a multipurpose carrier that serves as a mobile mining platform, an escort ship for Pelican fleets, and a combat platform using Terns for screening. It is capable of fielding a single wing of support craft, consisting of two Petrels and four Terns.

The Ibis was designed shortly after the Albatross as a means of extending the range of resource collection efforts after the Remnant realized that an Alpha invasion might not be as imminent as originally believed.

Category:Medium Warship
Mass:776 tons
Energy:6800 + 978.0/s, drawing 48.00/s
Shield Regen:210.0/s, drawing 186.0/s
Hull Repair:72.00/s, drawing 57.00/s
Quantum Keystone:Yes
Capture Attack:24.0
Capture Defense:36.0
Required Crew:17
Cargo Space:103/103
Outfit Space:1/427
(minmaxed):502 with 3 cargo, 487 with 23 cargo, 457 with 63 cargo
Weapon Space:17/147
Engine Space:14/109
Gun Ports:0/3
Turret Mounts:1/3
Active Cooling:960.0/s, drawing 48.00/s
Idle Heating:1596/s
Thrust:133,200, drawing 309.0/s, heating 300.0/s
Reverse Thrust:99,432, drawing 185.4/s, heating 180.0/s
Steering:2094.4, drawing 316.8/s, heating 360.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Scram Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:150
Fuel Capacity:700
Ramscoop:2.5 (1.58)
Outfit Scan Power:31
Outfit Scan Speed:2
Tactical Scan Power:123
Outfits:3x Inhibitor Cannon
1x Point Defense Turret
1x Thrasher Turret
1x Epoch Cell
1x Millennium Cell
2x Crystal Capacitor
1x Emergency Ramscoop
2x Thermoelectric Cooler
1x Quantum Key Stone
1x Salvage Scanner
20x Tuning Rifle
1x Forge-Class Thruster
2x Forge-Class Steering
1x Scram Drive

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