The Heron is the Remnant's ultimate last resort: Flight. These mobile starports are built to serve as the core elements of evacuation fleets when the Remnant are ultimately pushed to the brink of destruction in their home systems. These massive ships are capable of lifting enormous amounts of resources and operate both in space and on land, and are continuously updated to make full use of the latest technological innovations.

The few Herons in existence are carefully guarded secrets that embody the Remnant's core tactics of speed, stealth, and survival. Given the tiny number that exist, they are never available for discretionary use by Remnant captains and are always operated under the authority and direction of a prefect.

Mass:7015 tons
Energy:34,000 + 5256/s, drawing 240.0/s
Shield Regen:900.0/s, drawing 108.0/s
Hull Repair:900.0/s, drawing 45.00/s
Quantum Keystone:Yes
Required Crew:1006
Cargo Space:1110/1110
Outfit Space:225/2150
(minmaxed):2975 with 10 cargo, 2960 with 30 cargo, 2945 with 50 cargo, 2900 with 110 cargo, 2825 with 210 cargo
Weapon Space:239/470
Engine Space:188/800
Gun Ports:3/3
Turret Mounts:0/9
Active Cooling:2400/s, drawing 120.0/s
Idle Heating:7800/s
Thrust:1,105,920, drawing 2424/s, heating 2448/s
Reverse Thrust:663,552, drawing 1454/s, heating 1469/s
Steering:10,890, drawing 1563/s, heating 1860/s
Afterburner:1,652,400, burning 360.0/s, drawing 1080/s, heating 1440/s
Atmosphere Scan:Yes
Cloaking:Yes, burning 3.00/s, drawing 180.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Scram Drive:Yes
Jump Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:450
Jump Speed:0.5
Fuel Capacity:2500
Ramscoop:15.0 (3.87)
Outfit Scan Power:240
Outfit Scan Speed:6
Tactical Scan Power:770
Remnant Node(?):11
Outfits:6x Inhibitor Turret
3x Point Defense Turret
4x Aeon Cell
10x Crystal Capacitor
10x Emergency Ramscoop
5x Large Heat Shunt
1x Quantum Key Stone
5x Salvage Scanner
5x Thermoelectric Cooler
3x Bellows-Class Afterburner
4x Smelter-Class Thruster
5x Smelter-Class Steering
1x Hyperdrive
1x Jump Drive
1x Scram Drive

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