When the Free Worlds started requesting a Carrier solution from its local shipyards, Tarazed Shipyards quickly saw that a few modifications could make their entry level interceptor into a top tier fighter. Over 85% of the parts that make up the Finch are shared with the Sparrow assembly line, so it's no surprise that even trimmed down to (barely) fit into a fighter bay, the blindingly fast Finch bears strong resemblance to its hyperspace-faring cousin.

Mass:150.0 tons
Energy:1000 + 114.0/s
Shield Regen:12.00/s, drawing 12.00/s
Required Crew:1
Outfit Space:0/110
Weapon Space:0/20
Engine Space:5/40
Gun Ports:0/2
Idle Heating:174.0/s
Thrust:34,560, drawing 60.00/s, heating 108.0/s
Steering:256, drawing 30.00/s, heating 66.00/s
Javelin Capacity:0/200
Outfits:1x Beam Laser
1x Javelin Pod
200x Javelin
1x nGVF-BB Fuel Cell
1x LP036a Battery Pack
1x D14-RN Shield Generator
1x Chipmunk Plasma Thruster
1x Chipmunk Plasma Steering

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Finch (MZ)

Price:3,076,000 ← 300,000
Mass:283 tons ← 150.0 tons
Energy:1000 + 564.0/s, drawing 18.00/s ← 1000 + 114.0/s
Shields:2000 ← 1100
Shield Regen:36.00/s, drawing 36.00/s ← 12.00/s, drawing 12.00/s
Hull:2000 ← 200
Required Crew:1
(minmaxed):37 ← 9
(minmaxed):135 ← 30
Outfit Space:7/250 ← 0/110
Weapon Space:0/42 ← 0/20
Engine Space:0/62 ← 5/40
Gun Ports:0/2
Cooling:1740/s ← 0.00/s
Idle Heating:1620/s ← 174.0/s
Thrust:55,440, drawing 108.0/s, heating 210.0/s ← 34,560, drawing 60.00/s, heating 108.0/s
Steering:392, drawing 54.00/s, heating 132.0/s ← 256, drawing 30.00/s, heating 66.00/s
Afterburner:104,400, burning 6.00/s, drawing 306.0/s, heating 720.0/s ← 0
Radar Jamming:10 ← 0
Fuel Capacity:100 ← 0
Ramscoop:1 (1.00) ← 0 (0.00)
Steering:23,520/s ← 15,360/s
Javelin Capacity:0 ← 0/200
Outfits:2x Electron Beam
1x Fuel Pod
1x Liquid Nitrogen Cooler
1x Large Radar Jammer
1x Ramscoop
1x S-270 Regenerator
1x LP036a Battery Pack
1x Fission Reactor
1x A125 Atomic Steering
1x A120 Atomic Thruster
1x Ionic Afterburner

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