Combat Drone

Combat drones are pilotless attack ships used primarily by the Republic Navy. Although very weak and easy to destroy, they can be very effective in large numbers. Because drones do not need a cockpit, they can be filled entirely with equipment and solid metal, which makes their hulls stronger than other small ships.

Mass:78 tons
Energy:150 + 72.00/s
Outfit Space:0/58
Weapon Space:0/8
Engine Space:0/28
Gun Ports:0/1
Idle Heating:114.0/s
Thrust:21,600, drawing 36.00/s, heating 54.00/s
Steering:160, drawing 18.00/s, heating 36.00/s
Outfits:1x Beam Laser
1x nGVF-AA Fuel Cell
1x Supercapacitor
1x X1700 Ion Thruster
1x X1200 Ion Steering

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