Class C Freighter

The Class C "Freighter" is a stealth warship designed by the Syndicate for baiting pirates with the offer of a seemingly helpless, ordinary bulk freighter. Inside, its cargo space has all been converted into drone bays, allowing it to carry a dozen combat drones.

Category:Heavy Warship
Mass:1206 tons
Energy:2200 + 564.0/s
Shield Regen:78.60/s, drawing 78.60/s
Capture Attack:3.0
Capture Defense:4.0
Required Crew:20
Cargo Space:20/20
Outfit Space:4/400
(minmaxed):415 with 0 cargo
Weapon Space:0/140
Engine Space:4/85
Turret Mounts:0/4
Idle Heating:1500/s
Thrust:79,560, drawing 114.0/s, heating 192.0/s
Steering:590, drawing 66.00/s, heating 120.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Scram Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:150
Fuel Capacity:600
Outfits:2x Heavy Laser Turret
2x Heavy Anti-Missile Turret
1x Fission Reactor
1x LP072a Battery Pack
1x D94-YV Shield Generator
5x Laser Rifle
1x X3700 Ion Thruster
1x X3200 Ion Steering
1x Scram Drive

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