Black Diamond

The Sheragi, being too large to effectively pilot ships this small, invested heavily in the development of autonomous fighters. The hardware that controls this isn't much more complex than the combat drones in human space, but it is bigger, and the lack of life support systems and amenities for a pilot allows it to carry extra outfitting space.

The fighter also comes equipped with a powerful hull repair system to aid in its survival. This system doesn't work while the fighter is under fire, though, requiring the fighter to have not taken damage for a short while before activating.

Mass:202 tons
Energy:900 + 312.0/s, drawing 12.00/s
Shield Regen:8.40/s, drawing 8.40/s, heating 8.40/s
Hull Repair:60.00/s
Outfit Space:0/152
Weapon Space:0/35
Engine Space:0/38
Gun Ports:0/3
Active Cooling:1020/s, drawing 186.0/s
Idle Heating:1164/s
Thrust:55,692, drawing 90.48/s, heating 171.6/s
Steering:319.8, drawing 35.10/s, heating 81.90/s
Radar Jamming:10
Scan Interference:2
Fuel Capacity:72
Tactical Scan Power:25
Outfits:1x Heavy Ion Cyclotron
2x Shard Fabricator
1x Electronic Warfare System
1x Small EM Battery
1x Small Hybrid Cooling
1x Fission Drive

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