Arach Transport

The Arach Transport is the oldest of their ship designs, dating back to the time when they first joined the Coalition in overthrowing the Quarg and capturing their ringworlds. Back then, Transports were occasionally used as warships, but now, thousands of years later, they are considered outdated compared to the latest Heliarch military ships.

Category:Light Freighter
Mass:401 tons
Energy:900 + 0.00/s
Solar Collection:1.6 (min 19.20/s, typical 105.6/s, max 192.0/s)
Shield Regen:16.80/s, drawing 16.80/s, heating 6.00/s
Hull Repair:7.20/s, drawing 7.20/s, heating 6.00/s
Required Crew:2
Cargo Space:190/190
Outfit Space:164/281
(minmaxed):416 with 10 cargo, 401 with 30 cargo, 386 with 50 cargo, 341 with 110 cargo
Weapon Space:96/96
Engine Space:6/70
Gun Ports:2/2
Turret Mounts:1/1
Idle Heating:48.00/s
Thrust:94,320, drawing 102.0/s, heating 660.0/s
Steering:890.7, drawing 75.60/s, heating 498.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:100
Jump Speed:0.2
Fuel Capacity:400
Outfits:2x Small Collector Module
1x Small Battery Module
1x Small Shield Module
1x Small Repair Module
1x Large Thrust Module
1x Large Steering Module
1x Small Steering Module
1x Hyperdrive

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