Arach Hulk

The Arachi believe that efficient functionality is the highest form of beauty, and none of their ships demonstrate that principle more clearly than the ugly yet utilitarian Hulk, designed with detachable side pods that can be swapped out on a planet in a matter of minutes if the captain is in a hurry to reach the next destination.

Category:Heavy Freighter
Mass:929 tons
Energy:5400 + 0.00/s
Solar Collection:3.3 (min 39.60/s, typical 217.8/s, max 396.0/s)
Shield Regen:33.60/s, drawing 33.60/s, heating 12.00/s
Hull Repair:34.20/s, drawing 34.20/s, heating 30.00/s
Required Crew:8
Cargo Space:541/541
Outfit Space:268/520
(minmaxed):925 with 1 cargo, 910 with 21 cargo, 880 with 61 cargo, 850 with 101 cargo, 775 with 201 cargo
Weapon Space:208/208
Engine Space:2/148
Gun Ports:2/2
Turret Mounts:4/4
Idle Heating:90.00/s
Thrust:236,159, drawing 259.2/s, heating 1680/s
Steering:1781.4, drawing 151.2/s, heating 996.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:100
Jump Speed:0.2
Fuel Capacity:500
Outfits:1x Large Collector Module
1x Large Battery Module
1x Small Battery Module
2x Small Shield Module
1x Large Repair Module
2x Large Thrust Module
2x Small Thrust Module
2x Large Steering Module
2x Small Steering Module
1x Hyperdrive

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