Arach Courier

These hardy little cargo ships are the perfect size for young Arachi just setting out into the sky with dreams of one day building their own merchant fleets. Of course, an Arach lucky enough to be born into one of the great Houses can probably find a patron to buy them a much larger ship instead.

Category:Light Freighter
Mass:170 tons
Energy:900 + 0.00/s
Solar Collection:0.8 (min 9.60/s, typical 52.80/s, max 96.00/s)
Hull Repair:7.20/s, drawing 7.20/s, heating 6.00/s
Required Crew:1
Cargo Space:78/78
Outfit Space:80/148
(minmaxed):193 with 18 cargo, 178 with 38 cargo, 163 with 58 cargo
Weapon Space:39/39
Engine Space:8/40
Gun Ports:2/2
Idle Heating:24.00/s
Thrust:47,520, drawing 55.20/s, heating 360.0/s
Steering:357.6, drawing 31.20/s, heating 216.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:100
Jump Speed:0.2
Fuel Capacity:300
Outfits:1x Small Collector Module
1x Small Battery Module
1x Small Repair Module
2x Small Thrust Module
2x Small Steering Module
1x Hyperdrive

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