Void Rifle

The Remnant made a significant number of these weapons during the early years of their research on the void sprites, but have not been able to make any new ones since the Archon stopped their harvests. Without a supply of new tentacles to use, the Remnant have been unable to manufacture more. While durable, they rarely last more than a decade, so even the best cared for of the old void rifles degraded into uselessness centuries ago. These highly effective weapons are credited with helping the Remnant safeguard their refuges from ground-based threats during their early years.

When fired, the void rifle emits a beam that has a strong paralyzing effect on the nervous system. With an area of effect that penetrates walls and other solid objects, it is an incredibly effective weapon.

Energy:0 + 0.00/s, drawing 1.02/s
Capture Attack:20
Capture Defense:20

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