The Hai designed this weapon to best compliment their Flea drones. Each railgun provides a significant amount of force upon firing, pushing the Flea drone backwards and therefore forcing it to keep its distance from its target.

Flea drone pilots joke that they provide more thrust than engines of similar size, so Unfettered should be using them at the back of their ships. There's probably a cultural component to the joke that many miss, because it's told quite often and the Hai laugh hysterically about it - every time.

Category:Secondary Weapons
Mass:1 tons
Outfit Space:4
Weapon Space:4
Gun Ports:1
Railgun Slug Capacity:1000
Ammunition:Railgun Slug
Reload Time:0.20s (5.00/s)
Salvo Mode:Stream
Rate of Fire:5.00/s
Firing Energy:3.5 → 17.50/s → 4.37/s⋅ton
Firing Heat:7.2 → 36.00/s → 9.00/s⋅ton
Firing Force:70 → 350.0/s → 87.50/s⋅ton
Submunition:1x rslug
Shield Damage:4.2 → 21.00/s → 5.25/s⋅ton
Hull Damage:8.4 → 42.00/s → 10.50/s⋅ton
Ion Damage:0.3 → 1.50/s → 0.37/s⋅ton
Hit Force:15 → 75.00/s → 18.75/s⋅ton

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