Plasma Repeater

Decades after buying the rights for the Plasma Cannon, Kraz Cybernetics put this weapon on the shelves of every high-end outfitter of the Southern Rim. The repeater has so far proved immensely popular amongst any who braved testing it, and is shaping up to become an essential deterrent for anyone who flaunts their haul for pirate plunder.

Derived from the original Plasma Cannon, this heavier version trades off its larger bursts for a much faster rate of fire. Although the smaller bursts of superheated plasma deal far less damage than its predecessor, the volume of fire results in more damage to the target overall.

Mass:32 tons
Outfit Space:32
Weapon Space:32
Gun Ports:1
Reload Time:0.12s (8.57/s)
Rate of Fire:8.57/s
Firing Energy:13 → 111.4/s → 3.48/s⋅ton
Firing Heat:100 → 857.1/s → 26.79/s⋅ton
Shield Damage:33 → 282.9/s → 8.84/s⋅ton
Hull Damage:13 → 111.4/s → 3.48/s⋅ton
Heat Damage:144 → 1234/s → 38.57/s⋅ton
Hit Force:19 → 162.9/s → 5.09/s⋅ton

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