Inhibitor Turret

While cannons that can interfere with a ship's engines are useful in any situation, the Remnant quickly decided that it would be even more useful as a turret that their ships could use to impede those chasing after them. These small Inhibitor Turrets are typically found primarily on Pelicans trying to outrun opponents rather than defeat them.

Although these turrets are unremarkable in terms of performance, the comparatively recent perfection of a technique of installing the bulk of the weapon itself externally on the turret mount instead of under the base has resulted in a weapon that takes comparatively little outfit space. It does, however, still add quite a bit more to the mass of the ship.

Mass:42 tons
Required Crew:1
Outfit Space:28
Weapon Space:22
Turret Mounts:1
Random Velocity:Yes (built-in)
Turret Turn:210.0/s
Reload Time:0.11s (9.23/s)
Salvo Mode:Cluster
Rate of Fire:9.23/s
Firing Energy:26 → 240.0/s → 10.91/s⋅ton
Firing Heat:45.5 → 420.0/s → 19.09/s⋅ton
Firing Force:13 → 120.0/s → 5.45/s⋅ton
Shield Damage:26 → 240.0/s → 10.91/s⋅ton
Hull Damage:19.5 → 180.0/s → 8.18/s⋅ton
Slowing Damage:0.5 → 4.62/s → 0.21/s⋅ton
Hit Force:39 → 360.0/s → 16.36/s⋅ton

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