Inhibitor Cannon

Nearly a century ago, a Remnant scout exploring space north of the Ember Waste came under fire from an alien fleet armed with weapons that interfered with the scout's engines. The story says that the Remnant captain calmly told her crew, "We aren't going home until we steal that weapon." That alien technology became the basis of the Inhibitor Cannon.

Although the Remnant appreciated the original weapon, they were disappointed that it was too big to fit on most of their ships. Instead of letting their effort go to waste, they instead opted to put their newfound knowledge to use creating a weapon suitable for their more nimble craft. Thus, the Inhibitor is excellent at controlling engagement distances, keeping targets at range by both pushing them backward with the impact of each shot while also slowing their approach by interfering with their engines.

Mass:16 tons
Outfit Space:16
Weapon Space:16
Gun Ports:1
Random Velocity:Yes (built-in)
Reload Time:0.22s (4.62/s)
Salvo Mode:Cluster
Rate of Fire:4.62/s
Firing Energy:26 → 120.0/s → 7.50/s⋅ton
Firing Heat:45.5 → 210.0/s → 13.12/s⋅ton
Firing Force:13 → 60.00/s → 3.75/s⋅ton
Shield Damage:26 → 120.0/s → 7.50/s⋅ton
Hull Damage:19.5 → 90.00/s → 5.62/s⋅ton
Slowing Damage:0.5 → 2.31/s → 0.14/s⋅ton
Hit Force:39 → 180.0/s → 11.25/s⋅ton

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