Heavy Ion Cyclotron

The main weapon of the Sheragi fighters is a particle accelerator not unlike the ones used by the Republic Navy and the Syndicate. However, this one produces a dense stream of heavy metal ions instead of bursts of lighter ones, resulting in high damage with intense recoil. Because the particle accelerator itself can be mounted elsewhere, it saves on weapon space.

Mass:33 tons
Outfit Space:33
Weapon Space:21
Gun Ports:1
Reload Time:0.02s (60.00/s)
Rate of Fire:60.00/s
Firing Energy:2.9 → 174.0/s → 8.29/s⋅ton
Firing Heat:12.2 → 732.0/s → 34.86/s⋅ton
Firing Force:9 → 540.0/s → 25.71/s⋅ton
Submunition:3x Heavy Ion Fragment
Shield Damage:5.37 → 322.2/s → 15.34/s⋅ton
Hull Damage:4.41 → 264.6/s → 12.60/s⋅ton
Hit Force:9 → 540.0/s → 25.71/s⋅ton

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