Fusion Drive

The Sheragi engines are much more than simple tubes spewing fire; they are a collection of interdependent devices, providing increased efficiency at the cost of modularity. These include a hyperdrive, an enormous fusion reactor, and the most powerful plasma engines you've ever seen. It's all examples of relatively simple technology, but they have been refined and taken to their extreme. The engines are fundamentally connected to the fusion reactor, increasing their thrust even further and thereby allowing the Emerald Sword to fly at impressive speeds, travelling through interstellar space with relative ease.

Mass:480 tons
Energy:0 + 3240/s
Outfit Space:480
Engine Space:230
Idle Heating:9360/s
Thrust:684,000, drawing 660.0/s, heating 1980/s
Reverse Thrust:161,280, drawing 294.0/s, heating 798.0/s
Steering:2496.0, drawing 273.0/s, heating 741.0/s
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Speed:0.2

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