Dragonflame Cannon

The ancient Sheragi superweapon is simple in concept, but the cost involved in developing something like it is exorbitant. It's hard to envision what could have motivated the creation of such a thing. It uses an obscene amount of energy to trigger an extremely powerful thermonuclear reaction, directing most of the energy from the resulting explosion forwards in a devastatingly powerful beam of gamma radiation.

Category:Secondary Weapons
Mass:156 tons
Required Crew:10
Outfit Space:156
Weapon Space:156
Gun Ports:1
Spinal Mounts:-1
Reload Time:3.00s (0.33/s)
Rate of Fire:0.33/s
Firing Energy:16,000 → 5333/s → 34.19/s⋅ton
Firing Heat:40,000 → 13,333/s → 85.47/s⋅ton
Firing Fuel:200 → 66.67/s → 0.43/s⋅ton
Firing Force:1000 → 333.3/s → 2.14/s⋅ton
Blast Radius:50
Shield Damage:25,000 → 8333/s → 53.42/s⋅ton
Hull Damage:15,000 → 5000/s → 32.05/s⋅ton
Heat Damage:50,000 → 16,666/s → 106.8/s⋅ton
Hit Force:2000 → 666.7/s → 4.27/s⋅ton

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